Laura (tavella) wrote,

Last week in my Film & Culture class, I was buttonholed by someone after class to clarify the details of the lecture. Which didn't surprise me overmuch because even I, who know a great deal more about the 20th century history of Vietnam than most people, sometimes find the shifting allegiances of the WWII and post-WWII period a bit hard to keep track of. But I was a little disturbed when I had to explain that the Soviet Union was our ally during WWII.

This week, we had in sequence, the questions: what was the USSR? explain communism? and what's guerrilla warfare? To be fair, the last two of those questions were from the same, possibly airheaded, person, and the USSR may indeed require explanation for those who were barely more than toddlers when it collapsed. But my snarky mental comment was 'Behold the undecided voter in all their ignorant glory!'

It continues to be very enjoyable, though. Tonight we saw _The Quiet American_. An excellent film. And I got back my first test, 102/100.
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