Laura (tavella) wrote,

We got back the fill in the blanks part of the midterm for Ethnic literature. They ranged from 20 to 80, except for my 97. Which will actually be 99 if he gives me back the points for pointing out that Samuel Occom fitted the requirements for one answer even if he was thinking about something else. Since I only got around to buying the books three days before the test (though I had read most of the key texts via online texts or in another anthology), and my studying consisted of about three hours of light reviewing, I have that particular mix of glee and guilt you get from acing a test with minimal work when others work hard at it and fail. Particularly one of my friends who studied for three days and ended up with a 34, and now is worried about passing the class and graduating this semester.

It was just not a very good test; a paragraph answer about why and how the Cherokee invented their alphabet would have been a lot more relevant for an English class than remembering it was Sequoia who did it and that the Cherokee Phoenix was the first newspaper, even if it favors those of us who have brains that remember trivia like that.
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