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A couple of weeks ago, katchoo_too showed me the Kansas and Terra Firma episodes of Farscape, and I was instantly addicted. As it turned out, the SciFi channel was running a marathon of every. single. episode. 8 hours a day. Which there was no way I could actually watch all of, but I got advice as to which were the most important episodes so I got the sort of fastforwarded version, finishing on Saturday, just in time for the first half of Peacekeeper wars. Which rocked, rocked, rocked.

Jool: About the time the Scarrans dispatched the ship to Arnessk, I said 'oh, shit. Jool *was* the sole character to get a happy ending, wasn't she? Something tells me the Farscape Team of Puppy-Killers is about correct that little oversight...'

Aeryn: I love, love, love her. Everything! The conversion about her feelings about the baby (also, yet more confirmation for my 'John is about the most female-identified character in the whole show' assertion! Because who here is gooey about the baby?) Her teasing John about the name, the flipping the gun at him, 'Aeryn, you are pointing the gun at the baby', her supply of weapons...

Stark: I can't help it. It's abusive, but everyone smacking him around was too, too satisfying.

The flashforward stuff was really creepy. Yes, resonances of TalynJohn's death, but also something mythic, almost Arthurian, him lying on a bier in an empty ship.

I loved how they were completely fearless about keeping the weird goofiness. Rygel vomiting up the bits of Aeryn and John, putting the baby in the muppet... the most glorious thing about Farscape was its ability to go within seconds between high comedy and epic tragedy.

Scene of special delight: the reconstitution scene, and the way the pulled out the guns (was I mistaken, or did they actually pull each other's guns?) and got the incredibly concise situation report.

Scene of special disturbingess: Scorpy and his little telepathic hookup into John's brain. Though that did lead to a scene of special coolness: John using Scorpy as his walking shield, the two of them in perfect coordination.

And speculation as to how it ends... there was obvious foreshadowing that John's going to have the wormhole info removed from his brain. Which almost has to happen; the military uses of wormholes might be kept in line by MAD, but the part where people can completely screw up the timeline... not so much. However, there's also a certain quality of cat out the bag. We have at least one race that uses wormholes and they don't seem to be very nice. Granted, the 'turn up on time back home or we execute all your families' might well be their attempt to discourage people from fucking with the timeline rather than inherent nastiness. And Furlow's still out there, and she successfully built one wormhole traversing ship. Seems likely she could recreate it later or sooner (if she exited with a chip with the module specs.) You remove all wormhole powers from the good guys, and it could get ugly.

Though they could work the Arthurian metaphor -- a half-dead John sent through a wormhole to a time when he is needed, similiar to the way he ended up in just the right place to be the pivot point of Sebacean/Scarran history at the beginning of the series. But I'm inclined to think that given that he began the miniseries dead, that they are going to be a little more creative with the ending.

But he either needs to be dialed up -- perhaps drafted to be a quasi-ancient -- and made an NPC, or dialed back down if they intend to use him as a character in future spinoffs/series/movies.

If you missed it, SciFi is running part 1 before part 2 tonight. Go! Watch!
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