Laura (tavella) wrote,

I am become Death, destroyer of worlds

I've been musing a bit about Crichton's arc, how he starts the show with this nearly superhuman reserve of adaptability. Not only could he take the immense traumas and end up back on his feet, he still had emotional energy to spare on making the crew of Moya work. At one point the show claimed that Zhaan was really the character who forged the emotional bonds, but when you actually look at episodes, Crichton is the one most often promoting thinking of the crew as a family, stepping in to break up fights, having heart to hearts with crew members. Then in second season the chip slowly breaks him, to the final desperate point where he is free of the chip and safe... and he still no longer wants to live.

He gets better from there, but he never gets completely well. Even into fourth season, it doesn't take a lot of stress to have him go manic. So one of the most brilliant things they did last night is to show that that was a necessary part of the story. Because a John who wasn't damaged would never have conceived the attempt, and a John who hadn't shown near-insanity at the peace conference would never have been believed by the Emperor and Grayza. But they had seen him walk in with a nuke on a dead man switch slung over his shoulder, and seen him _use it_.

And again, I loved how ambiguous they made it. I thought it was so perfect and telling that as he collapses and Aeryn screams agonizingly for help, all the others hesitate. Because they may love John, but they've just seen him throw open the gates to hell, give away all their lives without asking permission.

On edit: I also found it fascinating that Einstein was apparently waiting for him to reach that point. The first 'time...' dialogue ended on 'time is... relative', that John comprehended the dangers of wormholes to change time. Here, 'time... ends'; John understands their apocalyptic potential, and _then Einstein gives him the key_.

ETA: My favorite line from a review (on

Also loved Aeryn's line "Oh NOW you cry." It's like, "yeah Mom, all I've heard was shooting the whole time I was in the womb. The silence is scary. Please tell me more about how to load to weapons."
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