Laura (tavella) wrote,

I turned up at my 9am class to find only one classmate there. Apparently we both missed an announcement somewhere along the line. Which was annoying because I already knew my 10:30 class was cancelled, so I rolled out of bed for nothing. But I took the opportunity to go pick up the new U2 album (sorry, Mom, wasn't waiting for Xmas for that!), got a bagel and coffee, and went to work timing my adapted script for my evening class. Vaguely embarrassing, since it involved reciting dialogue out loud, and occasionally acting things out. But it all got done, and not even at the last minute. Unlike most of my papers.

I then went to class, watched the excellent "Green Dragon", and got my test back. Now, this had been a slightly embarrassing test. I had read The Things They Carried years ago, so when it was assigned for this class, I reread some of my favorites, but not the whole book. And then for one of the questions on the quiz, he asked three specific questions about "Sweetheart of Song Tra Bong", not one I had reread, and I discovered that every detail about the story had fled me, beyond 'um, she gets all gung-ho about the war'. Oh, yes, and the three of them were 30 percent of the test. Ow.

But by dint of my small shreds of memory, a certain amount of bullshit and extrapolation, and acing the extra credit, I pulled out an A anyway. Despite being called on my bullshit; the professor, who normally doesn't comment much on tests, wrote "vague" next to my answer. Part of the problem when you write long detailed answers for everything else, the times when you are making shit up really show through. Oh, well.
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