Laura (tavella) wrote,

t-day and tossing things

There was an excellent Thanksgiving with Cindy, Chuck, Mary and Dave. Because it was Thanksgiving on top of our group's already known prediliction for cooking in excessive amounts, there was food for about 15. Two kinds of turkey and ham, two kinds of rolls plus challah, two kinds of mashed potatoes, four kinds of dessert... Afterwards we watched Prisoner of Azabakan, which I thought was a good deal better than the other two Harry Potter movies -- possibly less authentic, from screams I heard on my friends list back when it came out, but far better as a movie. Then I kicked everyone's ass at Sets, which is basically a patternmatching game; I forget sometimes that where my sister Karen got the eerie word-recognition skills, I got the geometric recognition skills. Karma balance was restored by then getting my ass kicked by everyone playing the Bean game. Everyone else headed home and Cindy and I watched the rest of The 4400 (yay for huge Tivo disks.) Heavily X-Files influenced, but that's not a bad thing.

We convened on Friday at noon at Avalon for the Great Throwing Out. Or rather, Cindy, Dave, and Mary convened at noon and I showed up 45 minutes late, expecting a long afternoon of tossing things, to find that in a frenzy of cleaning they had already filled up nearly the entire 6x12x4 feet dumpster. Terrifyingly, there was still enough left to make a good start at a second dumpster load, but after breaking down a few more things and packing four cars full of items (Chuck and Leigh Anne had turned up to collect some of their possessions that had been loaned to Avalon), we left the rest to the more recent inhabitants of the house. I stayed around to finish my laundry, since the machines were still there, and got home just in time to pick up Leonard from the Event Center. He apparently decided he wanted to attend a volleyball game.
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