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07 November 2001 @ 11:48 pm
being tested  
Today was the career assessment class, which you had to take to get the useful stuff like resume classes. It was not as bad as I feared, save for one intensely dorky visualization exercise, but it revealed little I didn't already know: I am a geek, and I should get people to pay me for doing geeky things. Myers-Briggs? My E may swing I, my P may swing J, but NT uber alles, baby. Though I must have been feeling soft and soppy today, I actually got a few F points instead of my usual pure T. And I had the very rare experience of sitting next to someone even more N than me; I at least got *one* S point, and he was 26-0.

Career priorities 'instrument'? Independent, Expertise, Challenge tops, office relationships down there at the bottom. Cute little Venn diagrams of do well/like to do? Why, look, there in the little oval intersection is playing with computers and research! But the end of the day, in fact, I was a little embarrassed: I am such a _cliche_ geek.

I even went and got sushi for lunch.

It was sort of disturbing at the very beginning, the instructor was going around making everyone list what they did and what they wanted to do next, and well... I wondered what I was doing there, because none of them wanted to do the same, and words like 'change agent' were thrown around, and dear god, what sort of self respecting software engineer wants to go into marketing? Not a good one, surely I must be in the land of the 3s, people who got booted not just because their function got eliminated. But then Sophie arrived, even later than me, and said 'software engineer, want to be a software engineer, I was told to', and my little SA/SA/prereq didn't look so lonely.
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