Laura (tavella) wrote,

the death march, completed

I have finished -- well, will have finished in about 25 minutes, but the teacher is wandering on so I'm not paying a lot of attention -- turning in seven papers in three days. Two of them were short extra credit and one was a rewrite, but four of them were substantial. And I am not dead! Hurrah. Though I am *so* glad I dropped out of Spanish at DeAnza this semester. There's no way I could cope with a final tonight, I'm about to go home and collapse once school is done.

I'm also pondering which of my exams to ask for a delay of. All five of mine are on Thursday and Friday next week, including three in a row Thursday from 7:15 am to 2:30 pm. Supposedly if you have three on a day you can ask for one to go to the makeup day. The third one is an essay test, so the easiest to delay, but I actually have to study for the first two, so that delaying one of them would give me an extra weekend to study.
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