Laura (tavella) wrote,

I'm eating salted menthol liquorice candy. Which is surprisingly good. Or rather, throat-soothing, which is what I'm eating it for.

There was much fine loot; I got a expresso machine, which will hopefully reduce the cost of my triple latte addiction; a new extended battery for my laptop; a fabulous red lacquered pepper mill, which sadly is also about a foot and a half long, so I may have to return it for something less stylish but more in keeping with my tiny kitchen; a box of eight different types of peppercorns, so I can make my own mixes; a black sweater which I love; a bunch more clothes (pink is the new black, apparently); and a ton of books, including The Grand Tour, System of the World, and A Hat Full of Sky.

My Amazon shipment is still sitting in Louisville, with the little old man in the snowbound warehouse. Anyone know what an Amazon 'guarantee' consists of? Like, can I get the cost of shipping back?
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