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02 January 2005 @ 11:45 pm
so much for the modern phone age  
Humph. Well, it looks like I'll be returning my Sidekick. What they don't mention when you are signing up is that to actually *use* the Sidekick, you have to sign up for a special Internet package that adds $20 on top of your 39.99 monthly plan. Which with taxes and San Jose local special fees would be about $75 a month, which is more than I care to pay for a phone. They do have a 'sidekick plan', but A) it's only 29.99 a month which means I wouldn't get the rebates, and B) it charges phone calls at .20 a minute, which is fairly obscene for local calls and none too good for long distance.

I'm really annoyed because that's a pretty basic thing not to mention anywhere in the signup process.
Ruwhei Alpharuwhei on January 3rd, 2005 09:49 am (UTC)
I bought a Sidekick for Shadowhawk and basically the rule of thumb is that the Sidekick is primarily a personal information device for people who rarely use their cell phone. If you are going to be a heavy cell phone user then I think a regular cell phone is a better deal.

But basically what I got her was the $29.99 a month plan because she'll never talk on the phone except in very rare cases, in which case the 20 cents per minute for short calls are worth it. Alternatively I could have gotten the basic plan for $10 more, or $39.99, which is 60 whenever minutes and 300 weekend minutes.

The next up plan is $49.99 and that's 300 whenever minutes and unlimited weekend minutes.

And finally there's your plan, which is $39.99 a month for 600 minutes plus the $20 fee for internet so that's $59.99 a month (plus local fees).

So, if you are a heavy cell phone user than I don't recommend the sidekick because ya, it gets pricey. But if you just like instant messaging and web browsing and only occasionally use the phone then the smaller plans are the way to go.

I do agree with you that T-mobile does not make it very clear... I think they do this on purpose.

By the way I did get a $50 rebate with the $29.99 plan which means I bought the Sidekick for $100 or so after the rebate. Amazon will give the sidekick for free but the catch is you have to have that pricey plan, so I dumped that.

Lauratavella on January 3rd, 2005 02:18 pm (UTC)
Re: Sidekick
The next up plan is $49.99 and that's 300 whenever minutes and unlimited weekend minutes.

See, if I could get that, it'd probably be reasonable, it doesn't actually *increase* my plan cost, and I'm usually not a heavy phone users. But the way they are doing it, they seem to count it as a $29.99 plan plus extras, meaning I suddenly have to pay $200 or more for the sidekick, and that's not worth it. If I can get around that, maybe I'll keep it.
the evil hatevilhat on January 4th, 2005 06:38 am (UTC)
Re: Sidekick
My plan is $40 a month, data plus moderately limited voice (can't remember the amount, but I rarely use my SK for calls).

If you get something like a Treo from AT&T, you'll be paying $75 for moderate phone plus a data charge. Data is pricey.