Laura (tavella) wrote,

so much for the modern phone age

Humph. Well, it looks like I'll be returning my Sidekick. What they don't mention when you are signing up is that to actually *use* the Sidekick, you have to sign up for a special Internet package that adds $20 on top of your 39.99 monthly plan. Which with taxes and San Jose local special fees would be about $75 a month, which is more than I care to pay for a phone. They do have a 'sidekick plan', but A) it's only 29.99 a month which means I wouldn't get the rebates, and B) it charges phone calls at .20 a minute, which is fairly obscene for local calls and none too good for long distance.

I'm really annoyed because that's a pretty basic thing not to mention anywhere in the signup process.
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