Laura (tavella) wrote,

dancing in the dark

Ar Noir last night was another actionpacked sequence. Now that the Mysterious Secret Cabal in the BAA knows what we did, they are gunning for us. Gunshots in the parking lot after the Scoobies had a meeting. Wendy got shot, to her great surprise, since she was wearing her antibullet charm bracelet; Jack and Ed swept her up and carried her to safety. Rick and Lila raced across the rooftops, Molly made part of a building fall down (we are so going to get busted for that.), and then had a dramatic encounter in a darkened stairwell with the assassin. Sadly, she didn't shoot him, the one chance she had. He got away.

Oh! And Molly got a date. Edwin turned up at her furniture-less apartment. Much mock was made OOC of the fact that Molly was using a suitcase for a chair, but still had beer in the fridge. Humph.
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