Laura (tavella) wrote,

Woohoo! Got over to tersa's place in time to see Lost and one episode of DS9.

Michael is in the running for best person on the island. Granted, apart from Jack and Sun, his competition is pretty limited, but it takes a special sort of heroism to take the hit so that your kid won't know that his good for nothing adoptive father is dumping him. Despite you despising the good for nothing adoptive father. I'm glad he didn't take the hit for mom on the letters, though.

His parenting still kind of sucks, but now it's understandable why. But the burning the comic book was vicious; Walt has almost nothing nice of his own and you burn his one fun thing? Also, what was with Michael letting Walt take a walk by himself in the Jungle of Claire Kidnapping?

Boone is now Locke's bitch instead of Shannon's. And it's testimony to how disturbing I find his behavior that I think the fucked up Shannon relationship was actually healthier for him than this.

Claire? Looked like shit, even more than you'd expect from someone who was kidnapped, had her baby, and had it taken away from her.

Nice little moments from Jack and Sayid tribal counciling, Sun being compassionate, Hurley being funny. And at least for one week, the Sawyer woobifiers will be blessedly quiet.
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