Laura (tavella) wrote,

We had that rarest of all events in our Hounds of Balazar game: a plan that actually worked! Our little hearth of four had been following clues in our search to free a fire goddess connected to the roots of Balazaring history, and had been crossing paths with Lunars who seemed to be interested in destroying power spots connected to same.

We had followed the trail to a set of griffin bones that animated and gave us a few more bits of information, and hot on our heels came the Lunars, a sorceress and four soldiers. We didn't think we were strong enough to take them on frontally, so we hid and watched as they explored the griffin bone cave. Evil powers of chaos and all that, we at least had to make a try at them, so we came up with a plan where our shaman Ulam would disincorporate and go free some spirits that had been guarding the cave and turn them against the Lunars, while I'd cast ignite on the tent where the sorceress was and when she came running out, Dobromil would cast shatter on her staff.

As soon as we did this, one of the soldiers tossed up a lightwall that obscured our vision of the scene, and Al started rolling dice, and more dice, and laughing. But for once, it was good laughter! One of the spirits had criticalled and turned a soldier against his companions, tying up two of them, while the shattered staff had released a Lune, a powerful moon elemental, which knocked the other two soldiers unconscious. Realizing we'd never, ever, have a better chance we discarded our 'run away bravely' plan and charged into battle. The sorcereress managed to get the elemental back under control and she and it took down three of us in short order, but before I went down I managed to cast a couple of fire disrupts on her that put her in pain, and then Dobromil, staggering in exhaustion after she put a drain spell on him, and our dog pack pulled her down.

It was remarkably elegant. Our fights are never elegant.
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