Laura (tavella) wrote,

Well, I've seen my first episode of Battlestar Galactica, and while it was well done, it irritated me.

Adama and Apollo were being so utterly stupid and irresponsible that I wanted them to be punished by the plot, though I knew they wouldn't, since Starbuck is a main character. It's the episode where she goes down on a moon and A and A are completely heedless of the safety of the other pilots, the fleet, and y'know, the whole human race (as far as they know.) The president did eventually club them into facing reality, which slightly made up for it, but they was no actual damage consequent to them blowing half the fuel reserves and crippling half the fleet.

There was a moment at the end that I apparently was supposed to find terribly touching, where Apollo asks Adama 'Would you have done the same for me', and Adama tells him if it was Apollo, they'd have never left. My reaction was "Oh god, you are complete menaces. Can you be fired now?"

At least it was the male characters being soppy and irrational and the female ones being sensible, but that was only modest compensation, since I like my male characters to be smart too.
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