Laura (tavella) wrote,

melamine. my pal.

It's amazing how tiny things can make you gleeful. I was constructing a kitchen counter today; I have no counter space in my teeny kitchen, so I've been using the top of the shelving I constructed between the kitchen and living room as a counter. But it's narrow and has gaps, so not exactly ideal. So I went to Southern Lumber and got a piece of 3/4th inch melamine. I got them to cut it to the exact dimensions, because it's so much easier to shell out $1 and get the cleaner cut. Took it home and discovered that I had measured on one side of the shelves, but had forgotten that the other side has a post that's indented a little farther, so my piece didn't fit. But! I have TOOLS! So I took the sheet out onto the porch, measured and marked, and sawed a chunk out of the appropriate corner. It was a tiny little piece, but somehow so pleasing to do.

Then I edged the whole thing with melamine tape, put it on top of the shelves, and attached it with carpenter's glue and angle brackets. It looks nice, and now I have an actual counter, where I can do things like rolling out dough.

PS: U2 played twice this weekend within a mile of my apartment, and I wasn't therrrrrrre. Oh, well. November!
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