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17 April 2005 @ 09:20 pm
it's a trilingual sort of town  
Amusing multicultural moment at the Vietnamese grocery: an elderly Vietnamese woman was having some boxes wheeled to her car by one of the Hispanic clerks. She pointed into the parking lot, describing the car in Vietnamese, recollected herself and said "red... red color". The clerk said "red... that's rojo!" and she said "Rojo!" back and they both laughed.

Then I got home and had to shriek, drop my groceries and sprint after the Escape Cat, who had decided that he wasn't in for the night, despite it being 7:30. Of course, being Leonard he sprinted through the door, across the lawn, and across the neighbor's front walk... where he immediately flopped over, rolled on his back in the dirt, and placidly allowed himself to be recaptured, now that he was dirty.