Laura (tavella) wrote,

an edumacated cat

Limped to Shakespeare today (I pulled a muscle in my leg this weekend), opened the door, was greeted with "Hey, guess who is here to see you!", looked down, and there was Leonard, cheerfully sprawled out on the floor. I put him outside the door; he meowed pathetically until I opened it and picked him up. He did not however, get to stay to discuss Othello; I petted him, gave him a snack, and after Professor Fleck was done handing back reader responses, I took him downstairs and left him outside, eating second breakfast.

I only got a B+ for my poetry presentation in senior seminar, which annoys me, because I think I had some of the best content. But even though I had practiced to try to subdue my speed-talking, I ended up going last, which left me plenty of time to get tense, plus the people before me ran over, so I ended up with exactly 15 minutes before the end of class for my 15 minute presentation, which meant I'd have people's attention for about 12. So I kind of zoomed.
Tags: cats, school
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