Laura (tavella) wrote,

electronics purgatory

After ages of toting the components around and not bothering to set them up, I decided to put my stereo together and run the TV through it as well, as part of my general "use it or get rid of it" purge plan. This ran into some obstacles. That my receiver was so old that the TV would have to be run through the phonograph jacks instead of a Aux for the TV I knew; that it was so old it didn't have a remote was not very significant given where it will be positioned in the living room. That it was so old that the plastic seatings holding several sliders had deteriorated and would snap upon being slid, was a surprise.

I decided that given it was only the treble and bass sliders, I could simply leave them in midposition and plunged on, only to realize in some move or another I had detached all the wires and since lost track of them. Goodwill or the curb and buying one of those cute little all in one stack stereos when I get a job was looking alluring, but I think I'll visit Radio Shack instead.
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