Laura (tavella) wrote,


I am usually fond of what other people view as venomous or threatening insects. I've been known to capture a wasp and take it down eight stories to release it because the windows don't open in the building I'm in. I'm considering trying to catch a harvestman spider(1) and bring him indoors, because the one that was living in my bathroom died over the winter and I miss his fine insect-catching abilities now that the windows are open again. When a yellowjacket flies into my car, I wave it out the window rather than smashing it.

But just now, I caught my cat staring at one of the closed windows, and noticed a heavy buzzing. When I looked behind the blind, there was a wasp-bee like thing so huge and black that in an unthinking adrenaline surge I picked up the Ikea catalog and smashed it, after about three failed attempts.

And then I realized that it was only trying to get out, and all I had to do was slide the window up a couple of inches and it would have been gone, off to fulfill its waspy-bee life. Maybe even fertilizing my tomatoes and strawberries. I feel like one of those people who kill the benevolent space aliens in 60s SF, in terror of what they do not understand.

(1) I am using insect here in the colloquial sense, not the scientific.
Tags: bugs
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