Laura (tavella) wrote,


So there was graduation this weekend. We ended up going to the English department graduation, but not the big one, which I was happy about. Because at the English department one, I got to stand up and say a few words, while the big one, I'd only have gotten to stand up with my entire college for a few seconds; they didn't even read our names. Which did not seem worth it for sitting in the hot sun for two hours. They didn't even announce a commencement speaker, which tells you it wasn't going to be anyone interesting.

My parents and my uncle Bob came, which was nice, made it feel much more special. I didn't spend as much time as them as I might have liked to, as I managed to get food poisoning from an innocuous turkey sandwich at Tied House, and had to bail out Saturday evening and spent most of Sunday flopping around feeling weak. Though I made it over to motleypolitico's in the evening for pizza and Alhambra.

tnalpgge ran a D&D oneshot/cookout for Memorial Day, with katchoo_too, tersa, cyranocyrano,slin, and surprise guest princessmei, who hadn't been seen for ages. It was fun (we were investigating a deserted hobbit village and the Bugs of Doom underneath it), though dealing with an intransigent NPC at the end when we were all tired got a little cranky.

Now I crank out more resumes.
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