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hot griddle days

Ha! Pancakes for brekkie today, because yesterday when I was in the mood for them I made a double batch and cooked and froze the extra. I've been trying to use up stuff I have in house instead of shopping; I have a bunch of noodle and sauce packets from Trader Joes, so the last couple of days I've been making them up. It's really simple but effective, I have a freezer burned bag of chicken I'm trying to use up so I cook chicken in hot pepper oil, add shitake mushrooms, then some sesame oil and the boiled noodles, shredded green onions and lettuce, and stirfry it all. The stirfrying is inspired by katchoo_too's recent ventures. Boiled, the noodles are okay but a trifle watery, stirfrying everything melds it beautifully and it's very yummy.

I do need to make some bread so that I have non-sugary stuff for breakfast too, though.
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