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It appears that the wireless card may also have been the cause of the computer freezing up constantly. It usually happened when I moved it, and it hasn't crashed once today despite repeatedly being shoved around. I'm still on the wire, but I'll try it again later and see if it was a temporary thing due to bad seating or if it's trashed. I hate being tied to the cord, wah.

A quiet night for Casa Avalon. It's been a long time since all three of us stayed in on a Friday night. A lot of Buffy watching with katchoo_too, since FX was running good eps and the musical was rerun on UPN. The cut version was just not as good, they cut one of my favorite songs and a lot of good lines. And I made myself venison tenderloin and mashed potatoes, mmm. Dark secret I must share: I actually *like* mashed potatoes made from flakes. It's not quite redskin potatoes mashed with garlic, but it's comfort food.
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