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Full Metal Alchemist, redux. tridux?

Humph! I wrote this up a couple of days ago, but it didn't post.

I have now passed DVDs of the rest of the series to marith, so that she can babble about it with me. I should have just labeled them "teh Crack" instead of FMA.

episode 34

Greed is definitely likeable in comparison to the other homunculi, which is less about him being nice than the fact that the other homunculi are psychopathic. I wonder if it has to do with him being weakened? Wrath was relatively human until Envy fed him the red stones. Greed also went down awfuly easy, plotwise -- I'm wondering if the manga took longer about this arc? There just seemed to be a lot of depth of characterization put into his team, for characters that basically lasted a couple of episodes.

Once again, Al bonds with the bad guy. I'm severely reminded of someone's very funny rant about how uke Alphonse is, what with his fondness for following domineering male figures around like a puppy.

So who the hell is Lita? I'm not buying that the second-rate alchemist from a little mining town can suddenly take out Dante, who is Izumi's *master*, and then have the knowledge and skills to take out Greed too. I'd think Envy, exept that there was alchemy done.

episode 35
More references to "he" being in charge of the homunculi. Is this Elric-daddy?

So definitively, the homunculus have some memories and emotions. Or at least, Lust does; she's always seemed the most human and the least bound by her "sin" of the homunculi seen so far. She doesn't seem to use sex/desire as a weapon all that much, nothing like Gluttony or Wrath's temper tantrums or Envy's constant anger.

You know, if I lived in a village where people turned to stone on a regular basis, I think I'd move.

episode 36
Somehow, I think the bit with the ethnic minority being shipped to camps in barred train cars, with the middle class passengers carefully drawing the curtains and pretending not to notice? Not going to end well. The chief knows it too, thus the attempt to get at least two of the children to safety.

And the conversation between Hawkeye and Winry is wonderful, both the conversation they actually have and the second conversation they have beneath that one.

episode 37
Again, so much of the brilliance in FMA is the contrasts. They give us the fun lighthearted episode with Mustang's crew... right after we've seen them loading Ishbalans on cattle cars the episode before. This series does not let you forget that most of the people you are watching are complicit in genocide.

Also, I have learned the sweeter and funnier the setup, the more shit is coming, which means... hell is on the way.

episode 38
Ed's afro. Ahahaha!

One of the things I like about Winry is that she doesn't appear too much, and when she does, she has her own purpose and it's not to get kidnapped or menaced so Ed can angst (that's what Al is for!) Having her go back to Central and meet with Sheska is great, and I love how that the two of them get far closer to the heart of the conspiracy than Ed has done in the last four years. Granted, it's not Ed's main goal, and it is Sheska's. But Winry recognizes Ed and Al's mom instantly, even though she's half water, and doesn't apparently dismiss it the way Ed does. Ed's preternatural focus also can be blinders. I still, however, hate the Winry closing credits, mainly because she's portrayed as all floating vaguely magical girl.

I'm curious; Al says they should go talk to their dad; when did this become an option? Did I miss something? Because the last I knew, no one knew where Hohenheim Elric was.

I do love Ed, but over and over again, it's Al that breaks my heart. Sitting by the river, making children's toys (and it's typical of FMA's fabulous detail that one of them is the same iconic horse from their childhood alchemy... done with Al's current finer skill.) Trying so hard to keep everyone, even people who have done him ill, from destroying themselves.

From the preview for next episode, I see everyone is going to meet up in Lior. I'm cringing in pre-reaction of Ed finding out what has happened.
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