Laura (tavella) wrote,

skeered now

I'm being stalked by the doves! The day after I took the young dove into the wildlife rehabbers, there was a terrible noise out my window. It didn't even sound like doves, it was much deeper and more distressed... or threatening... than the usual coo. But it was obviously an animal so I went outside to make sure that one of the cats wasn't tormenting something, and there were two doves sitting on the roof of the bay window in my bedroom, making the racket. Which is unusual, because the local dove population usually hangs out at the two story victorian at the corner, and only visits our place to check the lawn for goodies.

And just now I was typing on my laptop in bed and a dove came and sat on the sash of my opened window. Stared at me a while and then flew away.

I feel like I'm in the dove version of "I Know What You Did Last Summer."
Tags: wildlife
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