Laura (tavella) wrote,

This is only of interest to FMA doujinishi people, but:

I'm sorting out my Vital Songs FMA doujinishi, and what I seem to have is:

Scanlations courtesy of Dokidoki for Book 2 (Other Side), Book 4 (Atonement), Book 5 (Stigma)

Translations courtesy of Cryogenia for Book 1 (Retribution/Mukui), Book 7 (Brother I'm Right Here/Boku nara, Koko ni Iru), and the unnumbered Doppleganger

Raws for Book 3 (Which I've been calling Stigma 2 even though it came out before Stigma), Book 6 (Forbidden Prayer), Book 9 (Memento Mori)

So my questions are: Does anyone have a raw for Book 8, the only one I'm missing, and/or translations for Forbidden Prayer, Stigma 2, or Memento Mori? Especially the last two, as I'm thinking of scanlating them.
Tags: doujinishi, fma
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