Laura (tavella) wrote,

flames, flames everywhere

There was quite a fire along 17 South this evening. I had just gotten on it from 280 when I saw this enormous billow of flame in the tops of the trees further down the highway. I was already committed to the the highway at that point, so I kept going. It must have just happened because traffic was just starting to back up and fire engines went past me. Patches of flame were scattered down at least a hundred yards of roadway,including in front of an area of sound blocking walls, so I don't think it was a wildfire. It looked more like the remnants of an explosion, but there wasn't any obvious wreckage.

I think I may even have seen it happen; just as I was merging from 7th onto 280, I thought I saw an explosion or flash of light ahead and to the left. I didn't hear a boom, so I thought it was an optical illusion, but it was the right direction and time. Possibly a transformer exploded, though I've never seen one cause a fire that big; it was rather scary edging past it in the left hand lanes, with the huge towers of flame engulfing the pines and spewing sparks everywhere. They got it under control quickly, though. When I came back from Trader Joe's, it was just smoke.
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