Laura (tavella) wrote,

Cooking, The Musical!

There was an amusing conversation the other day about "how you know you are a cook." My contribution was "because I have four kinds of flour[1] and five kinds of sugar[2] in the house." Further conversation produced "because I have eight kinds of vinegar[3] and nine kinds of oil[4]."

The end result is that I'm now singing the contents of my kitchen to the tune of "Twelve Days of Christmas."

Need a cooking icon.

[1] All purpose, cake, bread, and whole wheat.[5]
[2] Granulated white, brown, powdered, cinnamon, and vanilla.[6]
[3] White, apple, rice, seasoned rice, red wine, white wine, balsamic, raspberry balsamic.[7]
[4] Canola, mixed vegetable, peanut, sesame, soy, hot chili, roasted peanut, olive[8], wok oil.[9]
[5] Does not include the corn meal.
[6] Does not include the corn syrup, honey, and two kinds of molasses.
[7] Though a number of these are left over from past housemates and gifts. I don't use more than half of them regularly.
[8] Twelve, if you count the three kinds of olive oil.[10]
[9] Fourteen, if you count the spray canola and the spray olive.[11]
[10] Extra virgin, regular, and hand pressed artisanal for dipping with bread.
[11] Though the soybean is leftover and the wok oil was an experiment[12].
[12] Has garlic and ginger oil in it. Turned out just to be easier and tastier to keep jars of crushed ginger and garlic in the fridge.
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