Laura (tavella) wrote,

Google is my friend

First, if you are thinking about trying Panda Rising antivirus, don't. Really, don't. I probably should have gotten a clue when the install left an 'assistant' on my desktop, a little animated lion that floated above all other programs. Easy enough to turn off, but who the hell would think that a user would want their little lion in the way of their work and web pages? But I was not smart and did not immediately uninstall it, and in fact didn't fully reboot until this morning. Whereupon I discovered my network settings were totally fucked and I couldn't even get to my router.

But Google was on the job; Google Desktop Search popped up a warning that informed me that a newly installed program had screwed with GoogleSearch's registry settings, and here were the registry settings and the program that did it. And this was the glorious thing: to fix this, you can just run the GDS install again with the flag /restorelastwinsock or /restorefirstwinsock, and the install would return the network settings to how they were at the last install of GDS or the first install of GDS.

So I did that, and voila! Glorious internet again. I'm sure I could have eventually managed to unfuck it by hand, with much swearing, but that is not what I wanted to do at 8:30 in the morning. And the amusing thing is, this isn't even part of, in bureaucracy-speak, their 'core competency'. It's just a little sidelight, because if you can't get to the net, you can't Google. It will be so sad when Google eventually turns evil.

Now I have to find a reliable and preferably free for home use antivirus program. I had been using eTrust for the last year, but I  just fundamentally object to paying $30 every year for a program, at least as a home user.  I can see why they use the subscription model; it's a lot more justifiable for an antivirus than most programs, as they really do have to do constant work to maintain it, but I'm poor! 
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