Laura (tavella) wrote,


Happily enough, my landlord just called me to ask that I take the For Rent sign off; someone is moving into the back apartment tomorrow. It's been a month and a half since the last tenants moved out, and I've been secretly worrying that if he had too much trouble renting the place he'd sell instead, just like the owners next door did. I really love my little Victorian apartment with the wood floors and the ten foot ceilings and the dead cheap rent, so I'm glad it seems secure for at least a while longer.

I was also playing around with Zillow, and got the property tax records for my neighborhood. Behold the results of Prop 13; in the house on the other side, there are at least four people renting in the main house (also a Victorian), there's a little shed/garage that has another person it it, there's a sort of tower room plopped on top of the old stable building with another person, and the owner lives in the main part of the former stables. Total of Prop 13-locked assessment for buildings and land? $37,929. The house next door sold for $505,000. Total taxes paid yearly? $917. Somehow I suspect this does not cover the cost of police and fire protection for seven+ people, not to mention libraries, parks, et al.
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