Laura (tavella) wrote,

garden time

I managed to get everything I brought yesterday in the ground before the threatening rain. Or rather in the planters; my current garden is in an array of larger planter boxes. I have vague ambitions to actually till a patch of the back yard this year, but I'm not sure that I'll actually go through with it.

So far I've got Early Girl and cherry tomatoes, Sequoia and Eversweet strawberries, red lettuce, sugar snap peas, and basil. My rosemary, sage, and creeping oregano were still fine, the chives and lemongrass seem to be growing back, and while I was cleaning out the strawberry pots I found what looked like several volunteer dill plants from the plant that was in a pot beside them. So I only really need to pick up some tarragon and thyme, and maybe parsley, for the herb contingent. I've still got two planters to fill, which will probably get more tomatoes, bell peppers, and chiles. And I should try to figure out something to go in the planters with the peas (since they grow up rather than out) and the lettuce (since that will grow and die in a short period.)

Five years I've lived out here, and I think this is the first year I truly embraced the concept that you plant in February, not April or May. I had three decades of living by a rhythm of having four seasons, not two and a half. It takes a while to wear off.
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