Laura (tavella) wrote,

getting what you want

I complain on a regular basis that there's no real weather out here. No snow, no thunderstorms. Then mother nature sends a proper storm complete with lightning, pelting rain, and strong winds, and I remember that being blown sideways violently while hydroplaning through lakes of water on the interstate makes for tense driving.

Not to mention the idiots who I saw driving without their lights in the grey light and rain of morning were topped by the idiot who was driving with their lights off in the pouring, pitch black rain on the way home. Who I only saw *after* I had moved into their lane and then only as a dark shape against distant headlights. Though to be fair I think that was obliviousness, not deliberate, as after I slowed down (gently) in front of them and repeatedly flashed my lights they finally clued and flipped them on.
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