Laura (tavella) wrote,

shamrocks and Who rocks

tnalpgge made some rather yummy corned beef and cabbage for Friday night dinner, and then katchoo_too and I raided Barnes & Noble, where I picked up collections of stories by LeGuin and McKillip. We got back too late to catch all of "Rose", but we did catch the end and all of "End of the World", and I'm already enchanted.

I've never seen a Doctor so needy for a companion. Other incarnations were often bemused, sometimes jolly, occasionally imperious about collecting companions, but I don't remember one ever almost begging like that. And then there was that odd push-pull; he enticed Rose in, but he can't have thought that watching the destruction of their home world is what a girl wants on a first date. Invoke the adventure of travelling in time and space; then assert that all she knew meant, in the end, nothing. Everything dies. He seems to want her to suffer his grief. It's odd to have a doctor with wounds so barely hidden. But it's gorgeously played by Eccleson, and Piper is a perfect balance. I'm already hooked hard.

Love, love, frickin' love.
Tags: doctor who
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