Laura (tavella) wrote,

why,yes, I do work in the geekiest town in the geekiest state in the union

Bumper sticker seen while stopping for sushi on the way to Farscape night with tersa:

the classic red 'ban' bar and circle over "Ensemble Averaging", with "Single Molecule Spectroscopy" next to it.

Sad thing was, I knew what they meant, too.

This weekend was motleypolitico and Mary's "Things That Are Green" party, featuring such things as cabbage rolls and a rather fabulous green sangria, made not from dye but gewurtzheimer, melon liqueur, and kiwi and pineapple. There was also much singing, due to one of those things that is at once a wonder and a comedy of the new tech era. A compact little microphone that was also an integrated karoake machine holding thousands of songs. That was the wonder part of it. The comedy was that it was found in a Philippine market, and thus had... interesting lyrics at times. Such as "Folsom Prison Blues" being "I shot a man in Reno just to what him die."

Singing was fun, though -- I am all but tone deaf (Drew said "You can sing Happy Birthday, right", and I had to explain that no, I can't sing it on tune by myself), but I really love singing with people. Fortunately they were nice people and did not complain about me messing up the harmony.
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