Laura (tavella) wrote,

nature speak

While I was waiting on the approach to Dumbarton bridge tonight, a rainbow broke out. There was something about having no horizon references, just the flat marsh and bay, that made it feel solid, as if an orbital ring was arching above me. When I got onto the bridge, it had shifted so that one end seemed to be anchoring at the far end of the bridge, so I seemed to be driving up and over into it. It lasted all the way to katchoo_too's house, sometimes to one side, sometimes to the other, sometimes an arch across me. It was only killed by the fading light as the sun set. There are joys in rain.

I gave tnalpgge his birthday present, because the moment I saw it, I knew he needed the Great Eggplant of Kalamata. Then there was dinner with folks at Bombay Garden, which seemed to be playing some sort of collection of 60s Bollywood love song videos. The women all looked like Annette Funnicello. I was disturbed.
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