Laura (tavella) wrote,

University College London wants my genes!

...for their Musical Listening research project.

This test was a mystery to me. While I knew I wasn't *completely* tone-deaf, or else I wouldn't enjoy music as I do, I had assumed that I was the next best thing to it; I've sat through many a conversation about how awful and offkey some singer or song was, when I was enjoying them. And I cannot sing in tune.

I wasn't terribly confident taking the test, either. A few of the tunes were very obvious, with one wildly off note, but often it was a matter of 'I think that bit was not quite right', 'that final couple notes was deeper, maybe'. Yet I scored 27 out of 30. And when they asked me to take a second round of the test for confirmation, I got 28 out of 30.

Yet, I cannot sing. I will not start a round of happy birthday at a birthday party, because I know it not only go off key, it will barely resemble the song. I cannot sing Christmas carols, I cannot sing rock songs, I cannot sing the simplest melody in tune.

And I grew up in a musical family; my father singing as we drove home after family holidays is one of my oldest memories. My mother is an opera fanatic. My sister was all-county chorus. My brother had something close to perfect pitch when he was young and had a band with his friends when he was older. But I cannot sing; I still remember the growing dismay and mutual incomprehensibility as I and the music teacher stared at each other when as an elementary school student I tried out for chorus with my friends. The teacher would play a note on the piano and asked me to sing it, and I just gazed at her in confusion.
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