Laura (tavella) wrote,


Lost: flailing and clearly making up shit as they go along, but man, they were flailing entertainingly tonight. I didn't watch the last couple of episodes, because while I didn't *like* Ana-Lucia, watching them pull more "any woman who has sex out of wedlock or even plans it, she's got to die" shit pissed me off. Not to mention the fact that they killed the only woman on the show that drove her own plot instead of being an prop for a boy (or boys) story.

I still don't know if I'll be back for next season, what with my intense annoyance over their inability or uninterest in writing females with agency, but I was entertained for a couple of hours. Though my prediction did not come true -- with the way they were pulling all the popular characters off the beach, I was sure that they didn't want Jack/Kate/Hurley/Sawyer as 'good' people, but to get them out of the way, and that the final scene would be them stumbling back to the beach to find all the rest of the castaways gone.

And I was purely amused at the random what the fuck moments like the giant statue foot with four toes.
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