Laura (tavella) wrote,

Doctor Who

So I've managed to stay unspoiled for a year. Resisted clicking on lj-cuts, stayed away from spoiler threads, managed to remain pure. And then tonight Sci-Fi, which hasn't bothered running promos for the next episode even at the end of shows, preferring to pimp Stargate and whatever shitty movie they are running this week... this week, Sci-Fi airs the giant-spoiler packed preview for "Parting of the Ways" right in the goddamn middle of the episode.

But the episode still rocked. Nine's reaction to seeing Rose disintegrated! The Controller throwing back her head in fierce victory as the Daleks killed her! The nice middle aged lady tidy facade slowly disintegrating into desperate pleading, and Rose's incomprehension... just excellent all around.
Tags: doctor who, tv
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