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02 July 2006 @ 02:22 am
'we call this one the Cop Summoner'  
There might have been karaoke tonight. There definitely wasn't an interlude where we snuck outside to let off highly illegal fireworks. And absolutely there wasn't a moment when one of the fireworks turned out to let out a seemingly endless series of fireballs that moaned like an dying child and went about 40 feet in the air.

And I had an exciting moment tonight: I discovered that I can actually identify when someone is singing an octave lower than me. All you musical people can mock me, but it was a minor relevation: "Hey, he just started singing lower... but it still sounds right. Is that what an octave sounds like?" UCL has stripped me of my excuse that I'm quasi-tone deaf, and everyone swears that if you work at it you can get better at singing, so that's what I'm trying.
VanderVeckenxthread on July 2nd, 2006 09:07 pm (UTC)
Yay, singing!

(I am all in favor of public singing, in all it's each-in-their-own-separate-key glory. If people practiced more, we'd have public-singing-in-only-a-couple-of-keys. And then people might think it was a movement...)
Lauratavella on July 2nd, 2006 09:20 pm (UTC)
The reason I love karaoke nights is that I love to sing, but I can't sing on key. Except when I'm singing with other people. Not that I'm *good*, but for some reason if I have a voice to match mine to, I can come a lot closer.
Velvet Macevelvet_mace on July 2nd, 2006 11:50 pm (UTC)
Discovering new talents is fun!

Man I'm looking forward to the fireworks this 4th.