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It must be fall, I was woken up this morning by two of the cats having a hissfight over the rights to the warmest part of the bed, ie, me. I really wanted to hide under the covers and sleep more, since curling up in warm blankets is the most decadent thing about fall, but there was the siren song of work. So now I'm curled up under blankets on the couch. Mmm, work from home rocks.

I'm spending the time while I'm waiting for updates to process by searching around for livejournal people I know. So I am once again encountering my wierd phobia about the word friend, first discovered on sixdegrees. Intellectually I know that on livejournal, the word friend just means 'people whose journal I'm interested in tracking', but something deep in the brain fears claiming people as friends when they would not think of me as a friend. I want little divisions, like 'friends' and 'acquaintances' and 'friend of a friend' and 'know them faintly but they have a cool webjournal.' But no such thing so I find myself doing little selfjustifying spiels -- 'I've never met Velma, but we chatter away at each other on rasff, and I worry about her mother, anyone whose mother you worry about has to be a friend, right?'

And I still haven't been able to bring myself to add a couple of people who... I don't precisely dislike, but they don't particularly like me, and there's some tension in the relationship. But they share a lot of the same activities and friends so I'd still want to put them in the list to keep up with things. The mind is a strange thing.
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