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morning randomness

Had dinner with katchoo_too and tnalpgge at Beck's Steakhouse in Fremont, as part of their scouting for wedding dinner locations. And once again I encountered the great tragedy of having a steady supply of venison: even the best beef is a pale and flavorless comparison. It was a perfectly nice filet mignon, and they understood the concept of 'rare', but there's no just comparison.

We later caught Psych, fairly randomly. The one line description had sounded awful ("fake psychic detective"), but it was unexpectedly entertaining. I was charmed by the cynical premise, i.e. that people will buy 'woo woo psychic!' when they will reject logic and observation. I'm not sure how well the central gimmick will hold up, but hell, it's worked for Sherlock Holmes for a century plus. It at least makes for a better dose of Friday night crime drama than Numb3rs has this season.

Please give Dule Hill something better to do than throw up and have things explained to him, though.

Watching my friends list for the explosion of squee or scorn. Last Doctor Who of the year!
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