Laura (tavella) wrote,

dog days, but I have no dog

100 according to, 103 in the shade according to my little Brookstone thermometer. By closing off the bedroom and positioning the evaporative cooler right in front of the couch, I've achieved a sphere about 6 x 6 of barely tolerable temperatures. Normally I'd go hang out at an airconditioned bookstore when it got this hot, but that would involve leaving my little pocket of air and venturing outside.

Weird addendum to the mysterious disappearing plants: while going to water the remaining plants, I discovered that they had also stolen the _hose_. And I've spoken to the person moving in back, and he seemed genuinely mystified, plus he appeared to be just starting to move in on Thursday. So the original theory of the crime, person moving in to the back running over pots and cat carrier and disposing of the evidence, is out. Which has left me completely puzzled! I can vaguely someone stealing the plant pots, and being interrupted in the middle and thus only taking half, but an elderly hose? A faded old pet carrier still smelling of cat pee? Even stranger, to take the hose, they had to walk past a five foot aluminum stepladder, which was not taken. And if they were thieves, why disconnect the satellite? I suppose it could have been a preliminary step to stealing the dish. I considered my neighbors on that side, since I have had to go over a few times and ask them to turn down music, but they never seemed that put out about it. And really, "let's steal their hose" doesn't really sound like college boy revenge.

The pure randomness of it is really more disturbing than a more standard theft would be. I really need a WTF? icon.
Tags: crazy neighbors, plants
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