Laura (tavella) wrote,

excitement continues, sort of

There are still cop cars and evidence vans outside, 8 hours later. "A single, possible double homicide", according to the cop that is stationed closest, and the street is a network of orange yellow tape crisscrossing as it blocks of paths of evidence. One of them apparently died about 30 feet from my front door; I couldn't see it last night, because cop cars were in the way, but there's a rather pathetic pair of sunglasses sitting in front of the neighbor's driveway, marked with a little yellow evidence marker, and spiraling out from it a dark trail of blood that wanders thickly from gutter to sidewalk and back, and ends in a dribbling narrowing blankness that is creepily suggestive.

I'm stuck here for the moment, as no one can leave.
Tags: crazy neighbors, violence
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