Laura (tavella) wrote,

camp, old-school

My TIVO fetched up an old episode of Star Trek TOS, Errand of Mercy. Having not watched a complete episode in oh, maybe two decades, I cranked it up. Oh, my, I had forgotten just *why* it was that modern slash was born from this fandom.

Klingon: He has no tongue?
Kirk: I have a tongue.
Klingon: Good. You will be taught how to use it.

Klingon, laviciously eyeing Kirk: "A ram among the sheep!"

Klingon: I need your obedience.

I now have been all orientated to the new Stanford job. Which is the old job, but with twice the pay and benefits. Hurrah! It was a truly tedious six hours, though.

ETA: For all the bad acting and terrible, terrible production values, I have to give TOS points. Even most modern shows would seldom make their heroes quite so thoroughly foolish, rude, and wrong, and shown up as so on screen. And the pre-continuity (hmm, there should be a better word for that, something to decribe a initially throwaway remark that either deliberately or accidentally ends up resonant in the future timeline of a show) of the Organian remarking that the Federation and Klingons would eventually be good friends and work together amused me.
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