Laura (tavella) wrote,

saturday market

You know you have failed your navigation roll badly when you are looking for the Sunnyvale farmer's market and find the Santa Clara one instead. I hadn't been to downtown Sunnyvale in a while, so I couldn't recall which exit to take off of 280. Saratoga-Sunnyvale seemed logical, and then I followed the 'downtown district' signs. Only to hit Homestead. Whoops. But I knew that Santa Clara's market is also on Saturdays, and one source of fruit and flowers is as good as another.

Brandywine tomatoes, corn, eggplant, basil, and far more grapes, peaches, and pluots than I will likely manage to eat, but the samples tasted so good. And flowers. Oh, yes, the flowers. One of the things I like best about having a nicely high-paying job again is that fresh flowers every week is again a reasonable indulgence. I couldn't decide between two bunches of roses, so I brought both. Luxury!
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