Laura (tavella) wrote,

And lj continues their quest to drive away as many users as possible...

Despite people explaining at great length how crap their oh so spiffy new two column profile looked for people outside of a fairly narrow range of profile content, I discovered this morning that LJ had turned my profile page into a hideous mass of 'modules'. Frantically clicking around to try to get rid of this, I discovered that not only is the Xcolibur viewing style broken in Firefox, as it has been for weeks, so is Horizon.

Yes, Horizon, their brand new default viewing style. Does not work with the second most common browser in the world. The one with 15 percent market share. They have time to expedite people stalking their users, and plenty of time to be rude and dismissive of customers, but no time to get their site working outside of people using IE.

Edit: apparently it was something that was put in to fuck up people who were using adblockers. The fact that I don't have an ad-supported account apparently doesn't factor in. Sheesh. I had to whitelist the damn things to make anything else work.
Tags: lj, sucks
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