Laura (tavella) wrote,

bye bye aaron

I bailed out of Studio 60 for good a few minutes into "The Focus Group". The 9/11 reference, uttered with the same self-important 'everything changed' attitude that the idiot crew of Friedmans and warbloggers use to justify, well, everything, and I was gone. Couldn't help but think of the Daily Show Lebanon segment, that took that self-centered attitude and slammed it back in the face of the audience with all the wit and courage that S60 has been utterly lacking.

Sorry, Sorkin, you've got nothing interesting to say to me this time around. S60 was already hanging on a thin thread because of the ludicrous solemnity. Network sketch comedy hasn't been socially relevant since the sixties, and no more than vestigally culturally relevant since... hell maybe the late seventies.
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