Laura (tavella) wrote,

I have been a sad sad not-updating puppy

On Sunday, there was a wedding! katchoo_too looked gorgeous, and tnalpgge made me cry when he did. The weather was perfect, the setting lovely, and you couldn't have had a better or happier day.

Amusing bits:

We had to import girliness from Texas, because we are all such geeks that we have no clue about makeup and hair. (Me, after my makeup was finished: hey, my eyes are actually blue!)

I was even more confident that Cindy was marrying into the right family when Tony's mom, despite being on the surface an elegant lawyer, shucked off her high heels and ran around in stocking feet like the rest of us.

After motley_politico caught the garter, we of course attempted to maneuver malacissation into place for the bouquet... except that it went up in the air and came straight down. The peanut gallery critiqued us for not applying the well-placed shove, but we returned that faceplanting Mary on the parquet was not the way to go. Despite this failure, there are tales of something happening in April in Las Vegas!
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