Laura (tavella) wrote,

the end (?) of the epic plant saga

So I've figured out who was stealing the pots: my next door neighbors. These aren't the loud ones who throw parties that end in violence, these are the ones across the driveway from me.

I was weeding my narcissus and amaryllis when I noticed suspiciously familiar black hooks over the fence. I took a closer look, and yup, there were the holders for my hanging pots. The pots themselves were missing, it was just the holders stacked in piles. Taking a peek over the fence I didn't see either them or the ground pots anywhere, but unless someone managed to buy the exact same potholders as the ten-year old ones I brought from across the country... which seems unlikely... that's where my stuff went.

I considered going over and searching the yard for the rest, but one of the tenants was hanging out on the porch and I'd rather locate anyting first and yell after. Anyway, I kind of suspect that the pots were stolen by someone who has moved out, since it's unlikely the original thief would have been stupid enough to hang them on the other side of the *exact same fence* they were taken from.
Tags: crazy neighbors, plants
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