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22 July 2007 @ 08:08 am
the beach: best place for family reunions evah  
I thought I might have exaggerated how warm the Atlantic water is, but no -- it's a bathtub. After you've been swimming for a while it's almost too warm, and it's nice to dive down into the colder currents near the sea floor. And yet hardly anyone swims in it! I went out before breakfast, and there were families setting up encampments, people walking on the beach, and as far as I could see up and down the shore, I was the one person actually in the water.

I'm in the apartment of the slugabeds -- I took a swim, showered, got my mise en place ready for breakfast, and then hung out on the internet before anyone else was awake. And I went to bed after them, and am running on West Coast time.

Breakfast was a potato, vidalia onion, and smoked salmon scramble with malabar pepper, with excellent local cantaloupe on the side. Came out quite well, I say modestly.