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I managed to miss the Thanksgiving call from my family, because I was in the middle of watching Harry Potter at the Mercado. So I suck. I did talk to my dad and brother later, but my mother was already on her way to England when I got out. The movie was pretty good; I think I may have liked it better than the book. The cardboard awfulness of the baddies seemed less annoying when in movie form, since movie characters tend to be shallow anyway and amusing acting can cover for a lot.

It's very long, though. I had expected to be home 2ish but it was 3, putting me way behind on the making candied yams and getting to Merlin's process. I ran in the door, assembled the yams, butter, and brown sugar in record time, and put them in to cook while I went to clean up and change. I ended up making way too much, since I had brought double amounts in case I had to make it for Leigh Ann's dinner tomorrow.

Fortunately Merlinparties tend to run long, so even an hour late left me plenty of time to watch a deeply goofy movie and hang with people before dinner. Which was delicious, of course, turkey and ham and three kinds of stuffing and green beans and asparagus and salad and mashed potatoes and cranberry and... basically all the traditional family dishes for all of the 18 or so people there.
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